Ticket to Venice Reviews


It wasn’t just the journaling videos and instructions that made this class so special. It was (as others have said) sitting down with a cup of coffee and slowly poring over every photograph of Venice. It was the tiny little films and her luscious words that made the class worthwhile. Each day I’d wake up and think, “I wonder what she’s posted today.” What makes this class unique is not just the tutorials, but watching how it all moves from experience to page that is is so special. I’ve loved every minute of it and still haven’t tired of watching the process unfold.

-Linda Niehoff

Oh MAM, you are so very awesome I just want to squish you! (squish squish) This is my third class with Mary Ann and I am a die-hard fan. Love your journals and your unique perspective, and how you translate that to share it with US. If you are hesitating at all about taking one of Mary Ann’s classes, stop it and just enroll. Life is short and you deserve it. Worth every penny. Rock on. So… where are we going next? Reenie Hanlin http://www.PeculiarAmbitions.com   -Reenie Hanlin

There is so much to get out of Ticket to Venice. This is my second class with Mary Ann and she takes us with her on the process of making, prepping and finishing a travel journal. If you are not in love with Venice before you start this class, you will be by the time this class is done. I’d make the journal first (the stitch is a tad tricky but once you get going it gets better and Mary Ann’s videos cover just about everything, I hardly needed to refer to the PDF she also provided) and then linger over a blog post day by day as we who did the class in real time did and bask in Venice’s serene beauty. This has been an absolute dream of a class. -Leanne

I have truly enjoyed MAM and her discoveries in Venice. The scenery and seeing such a beautiful place through her eyes is so much fun. Love watching the progression in the travel journal. Loved receiving the post cards!!! Hope there are a million more of these travel journal adventures that we can come along on.

Totally Fascinating and Fun! – Darla Maple

A sparkling journey to Italy with the most engaging traveling companion one could ever hope for! After every post,I wore a big smile, after every glimpse into her stupendous art journal, I took up my own art supplies and fearlessly created with joy, time after time after time!   -Susan Crane
Charming, quirky, hilarious, full of surprises and simply delightful: that’s how I would describe Ticket to Venice with Mary Ann Moss! This workshop has been a joyful adventure filled with beautiful images and videos from a mysterious and magical city. I truly feel as if I’ve explored the sights, sounds, and tastes of Venice right alongside Mary Ann. Along the way, I learned a trio of lovely new bookbinding stitches, fun art journal techniques, and how to experience and record the simple joys of discovery while traveling. I would recommend this workshop with all my heart, and I’m so grateful that I packed my virtual suitcase and went along for the journey.  -Kimberly Jones
Goodbye to Venice? Impossible. Thank you for sharing this sparkling, watery, sensitive experience. It has been a joy to wake up each morning of “our trip” to see what fun we have been having, what sights we have seen, what we have eaten, what we can do to save and savor these days in a journal. Who does this? Who takes a huge gaggle of artists with her on a trip to Venice? Who does that? Mary Ann Moss, that’s who. See you back in LA! Happy New Year, Mary Ann.  -Pat Gardner
Thank you again, Mary Ann! This has been an amazing adventure! It takes me back to 1989…Yikes, when I spent 3 glorious spring days in Venice, wandering aimlessly! I am inspired to go back with my little ones in winter! I have enjoyed your blog and video blogs!! Loved it!!!!!!!! -Liza
You have given Venice to my heart and my soul. It will forever be a very special place. I am so indebted to you, Mary Ann, and your sharing this trip with me. I was beside you the whole way, anxiously looking around each corner of my computer for the sights and sounds of Venice! It was one of my highlights of this holiday season and I really cannot say enough about this rewarding class and experience! It will live on in my Ticket To Venice book! Grazie, grazie, grazie!!! -Sue
What a wonderful experience this has been so far…traveling vicariously through Venice with Mary Ann as our delightful travel guide. Even if you weren’t along for the first part of the journey, I would recommend that you sign up for this marvelous class & catch up with all of us. I plan to wander through Venice over & over again throughout the long cold Ohio winter…and dream I were there instead of here…and you can do the same wherever you are. The instructional videos are awesome…and the post cards & other printables are to die for. I’m so glad I decided to gift myself with this amazing class. -Debbie
Look, there are two things going on here. You’re going on a virtual (which doesn’t feel virtual at all!)trip to Venice with Mary Ann Moss. I could swear I was there – the sights, sounds, smells, flavors are all in my memory bank. You’re also getting an inside, up close view of Miz Moss’ journaling artistry and strategies. Both experiences will make your thoughts and emotions expand far beyond their current boundaries. It’s the most incredible sensation. Every moment of Ticket to Venice was a delight. -Maria
This has been the most amazing class – and I’ve done every one Mary-Ann has offered. You get an excellent bookbinding class, with some rather unusual journals to make, AND you get a very special tour of Venice, quite different from the usual touristy stuff. Highly recommended! -Stephen Du Toit
This is my third online class with Mary Ann Moss and, once again, she did not disappoint! She does such a wonderful job of putting together the materials-from the detailed I structural .pdf to the printables, the always witty and amusing videos and blog posts (and daily postcards!) and not to mention the great community of new friends you’ll make in the Yahoo! Group who do great things like organize swaps, give pointers on where to find supplies (or even graciously offer to share their own!) and help you out with any questions. Just like in-person classmates would do! And Mary Ann was right there with us every step of the way. She’s not one of those teachers who tells the class to read 50 pages and then hides behind a newspaper at her desk the whole time. Nope. Mary Ann is very interactive – she brings the material to life through her engaging and entertaining instruction and walks up and down the aisles sharing her experiences, looking at what we’re up to, helping us with our questions…with the class now coming to a close I’m already eagerly awaiting the next one! -Shaun    
Ticket to Venice has been a wonder-full voyage. Vicarious travelling, and voyaging-at-home, with the creative unfoldments inspired in my cosy hibernation nest. The best of both worlds – I was transported, moved, and expanded, while snuggled and still, in the midst of cold Winter in England. I’m a wheelchair-user, and I could not physically go to many of the places which I visited via Mary Ann…. I couldn’t fit in the crazy-stuffed bookshops, or climb the teahouse stairs, or, or, or….. but I got to enjoy a great adventure with my farflung friend. Really, a treat. And the creative inspirations will continue, of course. Seeing how others are moving along with their makings is motivational too, in the yahoo group mails. I didn’t intend to make a travel-journal when I signed up – I’m happy to explore making a book using the techniques shown – and the creative instruction material is excellent. Altogether, this has been, and i suspect will continue to be, a lovely, deeply-rich experience – so much more than ‘a class’. I’m so glad we made it! Thank you. xxxj   -jaihn
Can’t believe that it is your last day already. About the class? What can I say? Everytime I take a class from you I learn lots, get more pleasure in whatever it is I am doing about art journaling. And you made me fall in love with bookmaking. I just finished another book with the diamond stitch, ready and all for an Ireland trip. The class also makes us new friends, and several swaps have been set up. It feels like you belong to a family where it is warm and cozy. It’s very very nice to be able to follow you abroad, and getting a daily update of where you are at and your adventures. Thank you so much Mary Ann, I will take every new class you start. It’s a promise.
Spectacular voyage all around. I absorbed so much of Venice via Mary Ann that I truly do not need to go there in person. My urge was satisfied. And the journal I made is fabulous. I can’t say enough good things about Mary Ann and her classes. -Connie Rose
Many, many thanks for sharing your journey, Mary Ann! I have been with you EVERY day (and so has my husband who listens from afar and can quote your videos). I have been viewing videos from all of the other classes too, and you have been at my side in my art space as I take a little break from “the real world” and make journals! I get to leave my journaling table “up” and know that 2013 will be the year that I take a seat at the table each and every day, thanks to you! -Diana Ho