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 It is not necessary to repurchase the class at the original price.  Memberships may be extended in 1 yr. increments only.  You may purchase a 1 yr. extension for $35 (coupon codes do not apply)  If interested, email me to begin the process.

I’ve never been more excited about an online class than I am about this one!  Finally an opportunity for me to marry my love of traveling with my love of journaling & teaching.  It feels like the perfect union.  From Moss Cottage to Venice and back again.  You’ll watch as I experience the pure joy & wonder of travel.  You’ll sit beside me as I chronicle my Venetian days from my apartment overlooking one of the canals.  2 grand weeks worth of travel bliss, then back to California to finish my bursting-at-the-seams travel journal.  Grab your passport, get your ticket, some sturdy walking shoes, and a sense of adventure.  I’ve got things to see and I’m taking you with me!



Explicit video instructions for you to construct {from start to finish} a lovely book structure with an exquisite stitch along the spine.   I’ll show you the exact supplies I carry with me when I journal abroad, how I prepare the journal ahead of time, and how I complete it when I get home.  {plus about a billion other things I think of along the way} This will include videos before, during, and after the trip.  {20  videos} If you have difficulty finishing travel journals you start, are overwhelmed by possibilities, or just want a little guidance this will be right up your alley.

A section of the class blog will be devoted to satisfying your travel-related curiosities re: solo travel, apartment rentals, etc.,


I will construct another journal in class that will be similar to the one above


  • During class you’ll be provided with a 12 page PDF document containing explicit directions for binding your book with this unique stitch.
  • An 88 page travel memento/ PDF of every page in my travel journal along with a few special & memorable photos of Venice.   Some of these photos will be shared on my public blog of course, but members of Ticket To Venice will be privy to every. single. page. Make a hot toddy, snuggle up in a warm nook, and pore over the pages on your ipad or computer.


DAILY DIGITAL POSTCARDS Okay seriously?  These are delicious.  I’m not kidding.   If you caught a late flight and missed the postcards via email while I was in Venice, you’ll be able to download high-resolution printable postcards of the entire series via PDF.  They can be printed on fine thick paper and used as post-card-sized art prints,  mailed to friends, hung on your inspiration boards, used in your own travel journal, or tucked away and pulled out whenever you need a reminder of the power and wonder of travel.  13 postcards altogether.

IN-DEPTH BLOGGING & VIDEOS FROM VENICE: For those who buy their tickets to Venice you will have a first class seat right next to me for the entire trip. Of course, my public blog will have brief posts about my trip, more like postcards to friends back home, but those who choose to come along for the ride will be getting a rich stream of  images & videos of the journey as it unfolds.   Imagine floating down the grand canal, going for strolls through the narrow streets, visiting markets, basking in the sights and sounds of Venice.  I look forward to capturing all of this with my camera.  For myself, yes, but also for you, my faithful armchair travelers. Once I’m back home you can STILL continue to sign up and be privy to the exact same videos, video blogs, and travel blogs.  EVERY aspect of my Venetian journey is waiting for you.



I’ve been hard at work making a treasure trove of  high-resolution printables for use in your visual journals, travel journals, or any of your mixed media projects.  I think you’ll be pleased with the luscious assortment of labels, journaling cards, and tabs.  In addition, I have high-resolution scans of vintage Italian envelopes w/ postage and vintage postcards.  Create digital masterpieces of your own or print and use in your journals.



How will registration work?  Register whenever you like for this self-paced class.  You may begin whenever you want and revisit the videos and class blog for 1yr/$40 or 2 yrs./$50 –  if there’s an active sale you must use the coupon code.

What if I don’t travel and don’t keep travel journals?  How will this benefit me? Especially for those of you unable to travel as much as you’d like this will be your opportunity to travel and see the world through my eyes.  From the privacy of our own little fortress on the internet you’ll be able to hear what I hear, see what I see, read what I write, and watch as I work in my travel journal from my Venice apartment.  If you don’t want to make a travel journal, rest assured that this book structure can be whatever you desire!   a visual journal, private diary,  fieldbook, captain’s log,  photo-journal, handmade scrap or smash book, ship’s manifest…whatever!  OR use it for a future trip real or imagined.

So this a bookmaking class?  My intention for this class is that it become filled with people who love to travel,  people who are afraid to travel and people who can’t travel.  My hope is that through seeing me experience my solo journey you will feel emboldened to go exploring in your own way on your own terms.  So yes, it’s a bookmaking class, with an Italian twist!   You will have an excellent reference and the know-how should you decide one day to make a travel journal of your very own.  And might I add…you’ll be well on your way to developing a library of gorgeous and unusual book binding stitches!

Will the bookmaking instruction be completely different from ROD and FTB? While the book structure itself may share some features of ROD & FTB, the binding stitch will be entirely new.  Since the focus is on travel journaling, what I do with the book after I make it will be qualitatively different.  You’ll watch me construct a book then you’ll watch as it becomes my working travel journal.  

Will I be able to do this if I’ve never made a book in my entire life? For those who have taken any of my previous bookmaking classes, I have no doubt that you will be able to master this stitch. I will demonstrate a super easy & attractive alternative stitch if you are an absolute beginner and brand new to bookmaking.  My instruction is very explicit and I will break things down into small parts for you to easily digest. I want you to be successful and feel like an awesome genius when you’re finished!  

What supplies will I need? basic bookmaking supplies, paper of your choice, adhesive, a sense of adventure {!}  

Will I need a sewing machine like in ROD? I will be doing minimal stitching on some of the pages, and you can join me or not – totally optional.

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